Dixit Diet Plan

Dixit Diet Plan

Dixit Diet Plan

Jagannath dixit is well known name in diet world beacuse he suggest effort less diet plan for weight loss. 

Dixit Diet plan are not just diet its healthy life style to avoid disease. Its based on 2 meal diet theory. 


About Diet Plan

According to this diet plan, you can eat only two times a day its also know as 2 meal a day diet plan.

You can determine exactly what these two times are for your appetite but if you take two meal within 8 hr timeframe then you get benefits of intermittent fasting.

During these two times, you can eat your favourite foods but its 2 meal a day diet so just take 2 meal.

At both times you need to finish your meal within 55 minutes.

If anyone feels down or low energy then below are food you can take between meal.

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Allowed food list between Diet

  • Dixit sir advice to eat twice in a day its 2 meal a day diet plan.
  • In between two meals
  • Drink water, 
  • Home-made buttermilk, 
  • Green or black tea (without sugar), 
  • Coconut water,
  • One tomato.

Using this diet lot of people do weight loss some people share there story with us so we put all in our blog.

its work like inspiration story you can also share you wight loss story so we build healthy society and every one become healthy

Success Stories of Dixit Diet

1. 10 Kg weight loss within 60 Days

2. 13 Kg weight loss within 2.5 month

3. 13 Kg weight loss within 90 Days

4. 7 Kg weight loss diet @ age 40

5. 13 Kg weight loss @ 47 age

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How to select Healthy Food :

Our food choices each day affect our health so we need very carefull about choose food.
One choice depends this thisngs— how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle.
Combined with physical activity, our diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight.
Just maintaining weight we reduce risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease, obesity and cancer), and promote your overall health.

The glycemic index

its just  “how long it takes your body to digest different foods”

As per plan we need to eat only 2 meal so we must pick up food which stay long time in stomach and avoid hungriness.

Chart of GI and food list

Below List of healthy foods which available easily and low in cost so everyone can take benefit of those.

Eggs : 11 brilliant ways to find out calories

World best source of protein is egg. More than half of egg the protein is found in the egg white along with vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat than the yolk.
Eggs are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.we publish on research blog on it please free to visit and ask questions.

Tips to mange calories intake

We have one research prepare for that how to effective mange calories and diet you can read for more information

What is Nutrition, Nutrients, fact, Benefits and Calories of healthy food ?

A calorie is the amount of heat which needed to increase the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius.
We get calories from food and provide to body in from of energy that translate into heat so that our bodies can function.
Our bodies store and “burn” calories as fuel. Many dietitian suggest count calories and try to reduce caloric intake to lose weight.

Dixit Diet Books

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3. Attack on Obesity

4. Review and Result About Diet

Please feel free to comment and ask question. we are here for your help. our goal is same to make healthy society. share with your friend and family.