“water water everywhere, but not a single drop to drink!” this is one of the most common peom known to all.

Water is one of the Precious resource in earth. Every one in the earth aware of importance of water. Our earth is called “Blue Planet” because 71 % of earth is covered by water it includes water below land surface and as water vapor in the air. The ocean holds about 97 percent of the Earth’s water; the remaining three percent is found in glaciers and ice, below the ground, in rivers and lakes. With out water earth will become a  Big question mark.


“water water everywhere, but not a single drop to drink!” this is one of the most common peom known to all. Everyone needs water to survive from plants to animals to human beings. Water plays a major role mainly in humans life it us used both directly and indirectly. The direct role of water is used for bathing, drinking, and cooking and indirect role showers more good things like rain,making electricity, and agriculture etc. As general rule of thumb that as person can live alive with out water for about 3 days.


It’s everyones responsibility to save water for our future generation. One cannot save water in a big container perhaps we can save our ground water. There are plenty of ways to prevent ground water level. Expert will prefer us to choose rainwater harvesting though this way is more effective. The hidden truth is in Australia lack of ground water is also due to use of plastic product. On average, Australians use about 125.8 kgs of plastic products each year. Only 14% is recycled rest will  stagnate under sand or it will polluted in to waterways and oceans. It endangers our marine wildlife.



Plastic is an incredible versatile material made to be durable and strong due to this plastic is non-biodegradable. To overcome the water scarcity in australia every citizen should start using the Biodegradable products instead of plastic. Eco friendly products use should be appreciated. People want to keep up our earth free from plastic pollutants. So they want to make more eco-friendly choice over unsustainable options. There are plethora of eco-friendly products in this article we do concentrate on some products like Areca leaf plates, Areca palm sheaths, brichwood spoon,  brichwood knife and natural products. Manufacturing is also is very simple and no trees is harmed to produce them. Lets come to the point, how this saves ground water level? Trees plays a very important role in conserving water. Areca plan tree will grow very fast and it will consume only less amount of water i.e, it will absorb only 1 litre of water per day. 3000 of plates can be prepared from one acre of areca palm tree. The leaf will not get stagnated it can be used as a fertilizer. People of australia should be responsible to save their ground water for upcoming generation by start using natural products from


Everyone should be concerned about the future of human beings and our world. We should think twice before buying things which we need. Though government imposed a law to stop using plastic and  non-biodegradable products some people are still not obeying the law. Awareness should be created among the public about the water. How important it is to one’s life. Likewise, public can also contribute towards noble cause by conserving water and also by limiting the use of water for house hold chores. The scarcity of fresh water and ground water is global problem. In Australia we are getting annual rainfall lessthan 600mm. The Government imposed some restrictions on watering lawns, using sprinkler systems, washing vehicles, hosing pavement, refilling swimming pools, etc.


To create a sustainable future, we need to use eco-friendly and Bio-degradable products to avoid water crisis. Every Individual should cooperate to save every drop of water by respecting the nature with out polluting beacuse water is precious as life itself. Prevention is better than cure so, We should prevent and save water before it gets exhausted…