Best places to buy a house in the New York City area in 2021

Read about numerous and some of the best opportunities you can find if you decide to buy a house in the New York City area in 2021.

Best places to buy a house in the New York City area in 2021
Queens neighborhood as one of the best places to buy a house in the New York City area in 2021.

Everybody knows that New York City is an expensive place to live in. The prices of all types of properties can be incredibly high, considering it's one of the world's financial centers. And for years, it has been a synonym for luxury and extravagance where buying was a long-term effort. However, in some places, things are slowly changing. The number of new constructions opens new opportunities in certain areas, mostly because of a decline in demand. And it helps people slowly get closer to owning a property instead of renting. In essence, lower prices will allow you to buy a house in the New York City area in 2021, if you know where to look.

Where to buy a house in the New York City area in 2021

Due to high costs, most people in the NYC area rent. But, if you plan to stay in NYC for good, it's worth considering buying a house instead. Of course, first, you have to have the financial means to do it. Because even with price drops, it's still expensive. But, there are few places you wouldn't expect to find a wide selection of, more or less, affordable houses. The best part is that it can be a good investment for the future.

Things to consider when buying a property in NYC

However, there is a couple of things you need to be aware of if you are planning to buy a house in the NYC area:

  • A high average income accompanies the high costs of living. You can still make it through with a decent job until you get enough money to buy a house.
  • You can consider affordable options outside the city area, like upper state New York, where the offer is more budget-friendly.
  • Avoid house-hunting and relocation in winter. It's not that you can't find help, companies like Divine Moving and Storage will gladly help you relocate anytime, but there will be fewer listings on the housing market. And their price will be higher in winter.
  • There is an assistance program with a down payment for those who earn up to 80% of the median income.
  • Finding a broker can significantly help get better deals and bargain a better price.
  • Typically, you will need a lawyer when signing a contract. It's not necessary, but it's a reasonable precaution.
  • By all means, you should hire a licensed home inspector when buying a house in the NYC area. This way, you will avoid purchasing defective property.

Types of homes available for buying in the NYC area

In NYC and the surrounding area, you can usually find three types of houses:

Townhouses - Closely packed attached or detached buildings that serve as single-family homes. They can also have multiple apartments. Most of them have backyards, and some even feature usable rooftops. They can be a bit pricey, but they offer way more privacy than flats.

Attached townhouses are the most common and affordable option you can find.

Single-family houses - When you imagine a home, this is probably the type of building that comes to mind. Those are detached houses where one family owns it entirely. In general, they offer way more space, including an outdoor area, where you can practice your gardening skills.  Also, they provide more privacy and are excellent for families with kids. They are not exactly common in areas like Manhattan, but you can find some pretty interesting options if you go further from the center. You can find the most affordable options in suburban places.

A bit older but spacious house with a large yard.

Single-family houses offer more space, freedom, and privacy.

Places to consider when buying a house in NYC

Queens neighborhoods

For first time buyers, Queens offers lots of choices for easy relocation and affordable housing. Neighborhoods like Forest Hills have plenty of single-family homes at a relatively affordable price. Kew Gardens, Rego Park, and Jackson Heights have a range of possibilities from elegant historic homes to modern and spacious houses. When looking for a house in Queens, the most important factor is probably easy commuting to other areas.


Another borough with a good housing offer for buyers with average income. It doesn't have the same transportation network as Queens, but neighborhoods like Bay Ridge, Midwood, and East Flatbush offer good value for the price. Especially recently. The price cuts that have been happening lately will probably continue in 2021, so it is worth checking out. So, if you want a good bargain, consider East Flatbush spacious houses with large backyards.

Good places in Nassau County, NY

If you need to be close to the center but don't want to live in it, Nassau County has some interesting suburban choices:

Great Neck Gardens

A part of the larger community on the northern shore of Long Island. Great Neck Gardens offer some of the best public schools in the country. This is an exceptionally great neighborhood for families with kids.


It is another fantastic place to raise a family in NYC. It also has excellent schools and plenty of green spaces. As a part of Oyster Bay town, you can enjoy many local attractions, including incredible local restaurants. There are numerous options like the railroad, busses, or a car for those who need to commute downtown.

Sea Cliff

This place has a small population of about 5,000 residents, but it is a beautiful place with a long history. From residential options, you will mostly find numerous Victorian houses. They mainly offer plenty of space and have unique architecture. However, the median home price is above half a million.

Victorian-style house in the suburbs.

Victorian houses have extraordinary architecture.


Considering all the important factors like prices, schools, and crime rates, Chappaqua is probably one of the best places to buy a house in the NYC area. In essence, it's a town on the rise with a small population. And it can be an incredible place to raise a family in New York. It offers a top-class education to prepare your kids for life, fantastic house architecture, and affordable living cost, which is just what many people can wish for.

Consider houses in New Jersey near the NYC area

If you need a house close to the NYC area, but it doesn't need to be precisely in NYC, New Jersey has some great options. Hoboken and Jersey City are probably the most obvious choice. Hoboken, NJ, is basically just a stone throw from Manhattan but offers a significantly lower cost of living. Even lower than NYC suburbs. On the same side, you have Jersey City. Quite a charming waterfront city with lovely parks and vibrant downtown. With a house in Jersey City, you can expect to see some of the best views on Manhattan from your backyard. All things considered, if you research enough, you will be surprised by how many places to buy a house in the New York City area in 2021 you will be able to find.