Are you looking to make a career in aged-care services in NSW? Here's why many are opting for it

Are you looking to make a career in aged-care services in NSW? Here's why many are opting for it

Over the next 10-20 years, trends such as globalisation and expanded health care are expected to shift the work environment rapidly. While technological changes have indicated that many jobs could soon be obsolete, technological and health advances suggest steady growth in both the IT and health care sectors. Consequently, this would lead to a rising appetite for employment for aged care services in NSW and IT specialists.

Work seekers must recognise in these changing times what study paths will stand the test of time and lead to good employment opportunities once eligible. There are countless courses to take, but at the end of all of them, which will guarantee an entry-level job?

Aged Care: A Growing Sector

By 2055, one-quarter of the population is set to account for the number of Australians aged 65 +. While this medical achievement suggests longer life expectancy for most Australians, it also puts a heavy demand on facilities for aged care.

The proportion of vulnerable elderly individuals with complex intimate, physical and emotional care needs is further increased by evolving trends of disease and medical treatments. The generation of ageing boomers also reveals a large proportion of affluent elderly Australians who are able to pay a private, in-home care premium.

Why Aged Care?

Those considering a career in aged care should be aware that older care staff have high job satisfaction, beyond the abundance of job opportunities available like aged care transport services in NSW. Not only will it be rewarding to work in aged care, but it will encourage employees to build positive person-to-person bonds with the patients they empower.

Aged care employees not only have the comfort of an abundance of career opportunities, they can also benefit from a highly flexible industry and in less than 6 months they can be nationally skilled. Those new to the workforce or re-entering after a period of time will take full time, part-time or casual job roles to the fullest. For those re-entering the workplace after raising kids, this is a fantastic industry. Working moms are also able to find shifts working during school hours or child care, with a 79 per cent female population and an abundance of part-time and casual opportunities.

International students are benefitting

In the Aged Care sector, those born outside Australia are highly respected, as multilingual carers mean specialist care for diverse patients. An appreciation of another culture or language can be like a superpower in the services of aged care, with the experience to provide someone of the same or similar context as yourself with complicated care. For this reason, foreign students also excel in these areas.

Pathways for Education

With the aged care industry growing increasingly, employment don't stop at support staff for those with an Independent Support (Ageing) qualification. Many who are looking for industry growth will become clinical or regional administrators, registered nurses or work on the road as case managers (with more training and experience).

Community care in NSW

plays an important role in supporting elderly people as long as possible to maintain an independent life in the community. It does so by emphasising preventive geriatric medicine, offering counselling and care services, and providing caregivers with emotional and physical support. Each member of the Community Health Care Team plays an important role and works together as a team to ensure that the diverse needs of the elderly in the Community are addressed with adequate services.

So if you want to be a part of a humble caregiving team and make a career out of it then don't think twice. If you know someone who is aged and in need of aged care then you may direct them to Accuro Home and Community Care Services today!