Aluminum Double-Hung Windows

Aluminum Double-Hung Windows
Aluminum Double-Hung Windows

Double Hung Aluminium Windows

Double Hung Aluminium Windows means they have two portions. The full glass window is divided into two portions. They are used to achieve a traditional look for your home.

Nowadays you can look at every one create some old fashioned stuff, in homes, infrastructures, or in dressing sense. This is a way to have touch with your tradition or you put a remark on those things that shows your connection with that culture or tradition.  

In the same, if anyone buying or constructing a new house, he put some old taste their but installing Double Hung Windows in his home.

These windows give the traditional look without any hassle, so you can use it easily and your home will be attractive to visitors. Double Hung Windows gives an aesthetic touch to the home. Because their interior is so unique as well as the exterior style. 

Which Are Better Single or Double-Hung Windows? 

First of all, we have to understand the difference between these two types of windows. Double Hung Windows are consisting of two sashes and the single hung windows are consist of single sashes.

Both sashes of double-hung windows can slide up and down. on the other hand, the sashes of single hung windows, the only bottom can be the slide.

Double-hung windows can open from both sides, top and bottom that is why it is preferred than single hung windows. These windows are more versatile in use and have more options than single hang windows.

You can have much ventilation and light in your office or at your home by using double-hung windows. 


Aluminum Double-hung windows are available in different standard sizes. The size of these types of windows is measured according to their widths. The sizes are 2 to 8 feet. it is a standard size range. if you want to measure in inches instead of feet, it is available in 18 inches, 52 inches, and 62 inches. 

Standard Features

If we talk about the feature of Aluminium Double-hung Windows 

  • They have Tackle Balance System
  • For the security purpose, keyed locks are installed
  • Pressure clamping that provides cam catch
  • Rails are installed at top and bottom
  • Double-hung Sashes


Double Hung Windows have wide options that are why it is easy to install and then easy to use. 

  • Glazing Options
  • Flyscreens
  • Colonial glazing bars
  • Matched color of hardware which is used while installing these windows
  • Different styles that ease us to configure 


Double Hung Windows are easy to configure. Windows are available in their standard size, so if you want to modify the standard size or make changes into it then there will be trouble.

But if you are installing Double-hung windows then you need not worry because these windows are available in two sashes, so if you want to make a change in it you can configure it by changing the size of one sash. 

Custom based designs are available in Aluminium Double hung windows. These windows can easily be assembled on the customer's requirements.

These windows are also available with wooden frames. Natural wood sash interior is used to manufacture these windows. 

So here all the related stuff about Double-hung windows. Now you can easily make a decision that which type of windows you should install at your new home. Either Double hung windows are the best option for you or not.

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