Advice for house training a puppy from puppy pre-school in Sydney

Advice for house training a puppy from puppy pre-school in Sydney
Advice for house training a puppy from puppy pre-school in Sydney

It’s up to you as an owner to make sure you are very clear in your guidelines for toilet needs. Every time your puppy makes a “mistake,” it’s really your mistake. “Oops, I wasn’t watching her”, Oops, I didn’t get her out on time.” Making sure a puppy goes outside and doesn’t make mistakes is more efficient than scolding him for going in the house. In fact, punishment can make matters worse. Just get him outside.

Set a routine and stay consistent

Puppies should not have free run of the house and they must have a feeding schedule. Do not leave food down for the whole day because this makes toilet management very difficult.

Use puppy pens and gates during the day when you can’t supervise the puppy. Take him out first thing in the morning, after a nap, playtime or training to a spot you have designated, praise and treat for doing his business outside.  At night, keep your puppy in a confined area.


As the days and weeks progress, you can lengthen the time between bathroom breaks.

Stay consistent and have patience, it takes time to toilet train a puppy.


Socialization is the most important thing to teach to your puppy and it doesn’t mean dog play. Proper socialization includes getting your puppy used to different environments, sounds, people, dogs, handling, traffic etc. and doing it right helps in preventing behavioral issues later.

That’s why we here at Puppy Training School Sydney offer a unique four week Puppy School of four one hour sessions that are all about introducing your pup to new and sometimes even scary things in a calm and safe environment.

Our skilled puppy preschool trainer will teach you how to train & help your puppy to grow up to be a confident adult.

To be eligible for Puppy Preschool Sydney, each puppy must

– Be less that 20 weeks old at the start of the class

– Be participating in a vaccination course