Advantages of Choosing ColorBond Roof

If you are planning to change the roof of your home, you may be in two minds while choosing between concrete tiles and a sheet of metal that comes with colorbond finish. Concrete tiles and slate have indeed retained their popularity over the years, but colorbond roofing is the new age phenomenon. The corrugated sheet of metal that was immensely popular during the recent years, along with concrete tiles, is gradually making its way out. Today is the age of colorbond roofing, and a lot of people planning to go ahead with Roof Restoration Melbourne need to think over the options carefully before deciding the right choice?

Read the points below to know why you should choose colorbond roofing material during Roof Restoration.

1. Making your home energy-efficient

Are you aware that installing colorbond roofing in your house can minimise the energy bills? The colorbond finish can make you roof solar reflective, which can reflect the heat of the sun to reduce the AC bills. Moreover, it is an environment-friendly option and the right choice for your home. Usually, it contains recycled materials and suits your pocket as well. Steel is a recyclable material and provides fewer instances of getting degraded roofs. Moreover, the latest technology that is used for colorbond roofs makes it last longer and includes fewer metals, allowing you to serve the environment. 

2. Climatic conditions

The physical features of this roof make it a suitable option for places where bushfires occur more frequently. Due to the smooth shape of colorbond steel, the flying embers of bushfire are less likely to stick to this roof. Besides this, the colours stay intact for many years, and the experts can install it quickly. The thermal properties of this roof also keep your home cool.

3. Protects your home

Colorbond steel roofing is a suitable option for extreme weather conditions. Among the materials that have undergone trial and testing, colorbond roofs demonstrate the best performance. It comes with five layers of protection along with a coat of metal that offers you good resistance against chipping and corrosion. 

4. Range of colours 

If you are looking forward to a material that provides a wide range of colour options for roof restoration, you can get a satisfactory roofing element that fulfils your preferences. Several homeowners prefer roofs with light shades and dark gutters. If you want to play with colours during roof restoration, you need to trust the physical attributes of this roof before arriving at a solution. 

5. Style and maintenance 

Every homeowner looks forward to a roof that looks elegant and complements the style of your home. Fortunately, colorbond steel roof is one of the few options that suit your pocket and lets you match with the fascia and gutter appropriately. With an enormous range of colours available in this roof, you can find a good match for your home. When it comes to the maintenance of your roof, you need to face the least hassles in colorbond roofing. If you are looking for an exact match of aesthetics and budget, colorbond roof is by far the best choice. 

With colorbond steel roofing, you can easily extend the roof in the patio or deck without compromising the quality of the material or the safety of your home. When it comes to colorbond roofing, you can get good value for the money and the best design for your home.