Top 5 competencies of the property dealers

A property agent is said to be proficient if he possesses complete knowledge of the real estate market. The real estate consultants at Ali Saqlain Real Estate

Top 5 competencies of the property dealers

Market knowledge 

A property agent is said to be proficient if he possesses complete knowledge of the real estate market. The real estate consultants at Ali Saqlain Real Estate & Builders have no match when it comes to industry knowledge. Every buyer needs reliable information whether it is about a commercial plot for sale in Bahria Town Karachi or a brand new constructed house in Bahria Town Lahore. 

Ali Saqlain’s consultants are well-versed with the following.

  • Residential and commercial inventories in Bahria Town
  • Complete knowledge of Ali Saqlain’s personalized projects 
  • Locations of the plots, houses, apartments, and offices 
  • Market prices and the day-to-day variations 


Real estate agents have to keep in focus many things for retaining a credible and trustworthy reputation. There prevails a lack of perfect and transparent information in the real estate sector, so the investors have to rely on property dealers, before carrying out any investment decision. 

Ali Saqlain Estate is the first registered property dealer in Bahria Town. They have served thousands of clients by now, and trustworthiness is one of the reasons of their blotless reputation. Trustworthiness of the property consultants is the life-blood of the real estate business. 

The quality of being trustworthy boosts under the effect of these points.

  • Convey true information
  • Keep the promise 
  • Meet the deadlines 
  • Maintain longer client relations 
  • Deliver timely 

Communication skills 

Communication skills have primary importance in the life of seasoned real estate agents. Communication of the property dealers is characterized by 

  • Clarity 
  • Completeness
  • Concreteness 
  • Correctness 
  • Conciseness 
  • Coherence 
  • Courtesy 
  • Consideration 

Customer service 

Customer service management is one of the challenges of the commercial world. The consultants at Ali Saqlain Estate give time to industry research and device innovative customer service techniques. After serving for more than 20 years, Ali Saqlain has set standards in the contemporary customer service management. They use their experience in the best possible way to make their clients feel like stars. 

Better customer service and customer relationship management depends upon:

  • Comfortable office premises
  • Greeting the customer 
  • Fair identification of the client’s need 
  • Sincere advice 
  • Full support throughout the process

Professional intelligence 

Indubitably, professional intelligence is a much-needed trait in the world of property dealing. Property transactions usually involve a number of issues that need to be tackled by these agents. A property agent of some high caliber could ensure a transparent, timely, and successful completion of property deals.  

Professional intelligence solves the following issues.

  • Procedural complexities 
  • Investment diversity 
  • Forecasting of the ROI 
  • Negotiations and price determination 
  • Situational dealings 

While handling these issues, the professional intelligence of the property dealers is mandatory. The property dealers must have the ability to employ creative marketing approaches such as:

  • Facilitating clients with well-researched quarterly  reports 
  • Suggesting clear but concise options to the investors
  • Maintaining timely communication for good negotiations
  • preserving verified documentation to reflect the legality

Ali Saqlain Estate has got highly experienced property consultants. Their learning spans over a decade. That is why they demonstrate a higher level of professional intelligence.