Sleep dentistry : What is it?

Sleep dentistry is a common approach to reduce such dental anxiety and phobia. Also known as sedation dentistry, it’s a technique used to calm a patient before beginning a dental procedure.

Sleep dentistry : What is it?

When you opt for sleep dentistry, the dentist will use medications with sedating effects or general anesthesia to help you stay relaxed and more comfortable during a dental procedure. These medications will make you totally or partially unconscious. This form of dentistry has gained massive popularity throughout Newcastle and an increasing number of clients prefer it before undergoing a dental procedure. 

If you fear going to the dentist or feel overly anxious before undergoing a dental procedure, you might require sleep dentistry. It is best for patients who have a low tolerance for pain and find it difficult to stay calm and relaxed in a dentist’s chair. It is also suitable for people who have very sensitive teeth, bad gag reflex, and are about to undergo a complex dental procedure. 

Benefits of sleep dentistry

Let us break a common myth first! Most people believe that sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry will completely knock them out and put them to sleep during the dental procedure but it’s just a misconception! Sleep dentistry just helps the patients relax during the dental procedure. It does not actually put the patient to sleep, rather they remain awake and can even communicate with the dentist during the dental procedure.

Only one type – general anesthesia is administered in a few cases where moderate sedation is required. It renders the patient completely unconscious so that the dentist can carry out the long dental procedure with ease. Below are the various benefits of sleep dentistry. Based on this, you can decide if you should give it a try. 

  • It induces calming effects and helps you relax your entire body during the dental procedure thus allowing the dentist to carry out the treatment with ease and success.
  • It eases dental anxiety and fear thus making the dental procedure quicker and smoother 
  • You remain pain free throughout the procedure and do not experience any discomfort. 
  • There is no memory of any part of the procedure whatsoever and so you would not remember anything after the dental procedure is complete. 
  • You’re fully awake and yet less anxious! Post sedation, you will still be able to communicate with the dentist during your dental procedure.
  • You can receive the dental care you need to without experiencing anxiety, pain and discomfort 
  • As you won’t have to skip the dental visits anymore, you can maintain a healthy mouth and improve your oral health as well.