Lead generation- The ultimate strategy to scale your business.

Every company needs SALES to survive and create an impact on the world by helping people with their awesome products and services. We are a Digital Marketing Agency that creates opportunities for our clients and make them sit in front of key decision-makers based on client’s predefined criteria.

Strategies to generate B2B leads

You are enjoying your delicious spaghetti while scrolling Instagram. Suddenly, you come across a
story that promises you a jackpot! You cannot, but click on it to be ultimately led to a page that asks
you to sign up to receive a free goodie.
Congratulations! You are a lead now. A business is purposeless without customers. Lead generation
is a strategy to bring in customers. 

Who is a lead?

A lead is a person who has hinted some interest in your business. If you happen to look at a book
from a bookstall in a book fair, you have indicated some interest in it. Or you may have hinted some
interest in a particular writer, for instance, Rabindranath Tagore. This indicates that you may want to
look at other books written by him. You are a lead now. You are a potential customer.

What is lead generation?
Lead generation is a process of inciting some interest in visitors or strangers, for your product. A
bookshop owner attracts customers by displaying a wide variety of collections from the most
renowned authors. In the automobile industry, a free test drive is a way to generate a lead. In other
words, it is a process of converting unknown people into clients for your business.

As a lead generator, it is your task to bring potential customers on the path to making a purchase.
Why do you need Lead generation?
Gone are the days where a guy used to come by your door and repeat a few marketing tricks to
make you buy a product. You no more to need to slam the door on his face. We have more freedom
to choose whether we want a product or not.
However, for businesses to scale, they still need to sell. Door to door can never generate millions.
Almost any ambitious company today, be it a service company or e-commerce or a product
company, needs to implement lead generation strategy.
This strategy is the most effective way to bring in potential customers from all over the world.

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Steps/Strategies to generate lead
Lead generation is easy if you can grasp the concept. However, you need to be aware of the
strategies that can delight your leads. Let me walk you through the steps of generating leads.

1.Build a decent platform
Of course, there has to be a platform where strangers can have a visit. It is akin to having a shop
before you incite leads. It can be your company's website, youtube channel, advertising campaign on
social media, social media page, etc. Generating leads is tough without having a robust platform.

Let us take an example where I have to keep waiting for your site to show content. Time is of value
to the customers. If your page does not open up due to the hosting problem, I prefer not to rely on
your business. This will only accelerate bounce rates.
However, this was only one example. There can be numerous instances where a visitor bounces back
just because there is nothing special about a platform. The first step is to build an attractive platform
for your visitors to land upon.

2.Have an excellent Call to Action or CTA.
What is a CTA? Remember how you were tempted to click on an advertisement or link that acted as
clickbait. That link took you to a landing page. If you like the page, you hint some interest in it.

The most common examples of CTA include:
Sign up.
Get started.
Join free for a month
Take me there
And many more.
A company or a website usually puts up a big, eye-catching statement of how its product can make
your life easier. For instance, take an example of Evernote. The words, "Take your notes anywhere."
can appeal to you and make you sign up for Evernote.
A call to action, in simple words, is just a door to your product you want to sell. You must have a
shop with an attractive door!

3.Landing page
Once a visitor clicks on the CTA, he/she will be directed to the landing page. What is a landing page?
It means more than just the page someone lands on by accident!
The landing page is a page to access some personal information about the visitors. In exchange for a
trial, free-course, or a free ebook, you get the visitor to sign up and share some of his personal
information. The personal information usually asks for Name, Company name, phone number, email
address. You may ask for some other details if you require it. If you are in the service sector, you may
ask for the locality in which your visitor resides.
The landing page is the lead capture page. This is where you would want to generate a lead.

4.Lead generation through referrals
You have come across numerous apps or websites promising you to reward you in some or the other
way for sharing it with your friends. Canva app is an example where you can notice that by sharing
the app with anyone will let you access some premium templates for free. This is an excellent
strategy to boost lead generation.