8 Smart Laundry Ideas That Can Save You Essential Space

Here are some out-of-the-box laundry ideas that can save you essential space – this range from hidden laundry spaces to integrated appliances.

8 Smart Laundry Ideas That Can Save You Essential Space

Designing for an orderly, smart and convenient laundry space needs some thoughtful planning. Here are some out-of-the-box laundry ideas that can save you essential space – this range from hidden laundry spaces to integrated appliances.

Are you ready to uncover some smart laundry ideas?

1. Open Shelving

If you want to have your washing detergents and powders within handy reach or like to have some plants on display in your laundry space then open shelving would be perfect for you. It’s a common sight to have an open shelf near a laundry tub or washing machine to store your detergents and other stuff.

2. Integrated Pullout Laundry Hampers

If you don’t like to see an overflowing basket of dirty clothes, then consider an integrated pull-out laundry hampers. You can get them in different options including slide-out, pull down, as well as, single basket and dual basket configurations. With an integrated hamper, your dirty laundry is neatly tucked behind a door or drawer front.

3. Pull-out Workspaces

Do you have limited working bench space in your laundry? Don’t worry, as you can handle this problem by integrating pull-out benches. For instance, a drawer can be integrated under your benchtop. This can be ideal as a bench on which clothes can be fold or appropriate to place your laundry basket.

4. Conceal Your Laundry

If you have restricted space in your home and you want to make more space to put your used and dirty clothes, then don’t worry as there’s still hope. These days, concealing laundries behind the doors have become a trend. This way, you can access your laundry when you want it and hide away when you don’t.

5. Organise Your Appliances

In case, if you have a separate washing machine and clothes’ dryer, you precisely know how much space they take up. An efficient way to manage this can be placing one on the other – for example, in certain settings; a dryer can sit straight on top of a front-loading washing machine. Alternatively, the dryer can be suspended above the washing machine with a go-between shelf between the two. This space can be used to store a laundry basket when loading and unloading.

6. Integrated Ironing Boards

Where to store the ironing board is a common question for every homeowner out there? Certainly, you can place it in one of the corners in your laundry room; however, it is better to get an integrated drawer mounted ironing board - some options are available on the market such as a drawer system which easily slides out and then folds out. Fold-down models are also available that can be wall-mounted or mounted inside a cabinet. This is an excellent way to promptly access and store your ironing board without any hassles.

7. Light Colour & Orderly

It can seem like an intimidating task to choose colours for your laundry. Avoid choosing darker colour shades for your laundry as it can make space look small. Instead, choose light colours such as white, off-white/ cream or ivory, as it makes the area roomier, looks tidy and orderly radiating a timeless look.

8. Integrate Space for Hanging Clothes for Air Drying

Suppose, you don’t have a tumble dryer, cold and rainy days can be a burden when you do your laundry. Thus, it’s vital to consider integrating some space for hanging clothes to air dry in your laundry. You can integrate a hanging rail in an open area in your laundry. Moreover, for quicker air drying, electric air-drying cabinets are also available on the market.

Aim for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is paramount – it not only impacts the environment but also on your cost of living. When planning your laundry, some vital energy-efficient things to consider include:

  • When buying your washing machine and/or dryer, look for higher star ratings.
  • Whenever possible, wash your clothes on a cold cycle.
  • Washing machines with front-loading capability use fewer resources compared to top loaders.
  • Construct bigger windows to invite solar heat.
  • Instead of using a clothes’ dryer, dry your clothes in the air.

Therefore, to design an energy-efficient laundry, you need to carefully consider the abovementioned pointers and how they can change your laundry design.