5 Interesting Facts About Dot Matrix Paper

Everything you need to know about the dot matrix paper.

5 Interesting Facts About Dot Matrix Paper

The invention of continuous computer paper has facilitated the printing process of duplicate or triplicate copies of documents. This type of paper office stationery is also known as “Dot Matrix Paper”, “Tractor Feed Paper or “Continuous computer paper”. It is used with DOS Based Computer Systems and in order to print these forms, you must have a ribbon for the first copy (that is the top copy). The second and third copies are printed thanks to the hammer effect of the ribbon which enables the image to be transferred on the sheets below the top copy. Here are several interesting facts about this paper solution that can be found in every office in the world.

Available in Many Sizes

The dot matrix paper can be found in many sizes suitable for different purposes of the user. The most popular sizes are the 11’ x 9.5’, 11’ x 15’ and A4 exact. However, you have a specific need, your dot matrix supplier will custom make it for you. 

Available in Many Colours and Weights

You can find the dot matrix paper in many colours, especially the 2 part, 3 part and the 4 part sheets. Each of the sheets of the multipart paper is in a different colour because that makes the organising of copies very simple. Most popular colours are plain white, colour coded, blue half-shadow, light blue, and eggshell. 

When it comes to their weight, the standard weight is 60gsm and 70gsm. 

A Variety for Uses

The dot matrix paper is suitable as dot matrix invoice paper, dot matrix statement, remittance advice forms and so on. 

Two Types

There are two different types of continuous computer paper: CPO (plain continuous computer paper) and Software Specific continuous computer paper. The first type is used for long continuous reports and when a lot of data is required to be printed. 

The Software Specific continuous computer paper allows the user quickly and efficiently to print any kind of document, be it a dot matrix invoice paper, statement, remittance advice or any other financial document. They are usually pre-printed forms that provide your business with a professional look of the financial documents. They all have specific parameters for printing, so the printing process is very 

Some of the software packages that this type of continuous computer paper is suitable for are Quicken, Arrow, Attache, Business Manager, IMS, Micropay, IAL, Sage, Tyrepac, Universal, Unisoft and so on. 

FSC and FEFC Certified

Another interesting thing about the dot matrix paper is that when it comes to Australia is that the option for using FSC and PEFC Certified paper is an important decision if you care about the environment. FSC means Forest Stewardship Council and it is an international non-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. 

The PEFC means Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and it is also an international, non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable forest management through independent third party certification. 

The Bottom Line

The dot matrix paper is a great facilitator in the printing of duplicate and triplicate documents. It is also a very cost-efficient solution that saves you money and promotes a professional look of the copies of the documents you give out to customers.